Hello, and welcome to our blog! Here's a little more about who we are.

Shane and me at Shenandoah, Virginia

This is me, Kathryn, on a particularly good hair day (we can pretend that's a regular thing). I'm from Bensalem, PA and in my mid-twenties. Most recently, I worked as a nanny for two lovely families in Chicago, where Shane and I lived for almost two years. We recently moved all of our stuff back to PA to be graciously stored by our families while we do some traveling.

Some quick facts:

* I love to read, and my favorite book series is Harry Potter!

* I like being outside, and I enjoy hiking, sailing, swimming, and biking.

* I'm engaged to an awesome guy - see below!

* It may have been suggested, once or twice, that I can be a bit clumsy ...

* Other things I like include mac-and-cheese, arts and craft stores, acoustic music, candles, napping, Casey Bird, the beach, brunch, and maps.

This handsome guy is Shane, my adventure-seeking, hard-working, and loving fiancé. Unlike me, Shane has good hair days most of the time. Most recently, Shane worked as a Chief Engineer for Marriott, and his job was the reason that we found ourselves first in Alexandria, VA and then the Windy City. Shane is very tech-savy and good at solving problems.

Some quick facts about Shane:

* Shane loves nature and being outside!

* He is an Eagle Scout and knows a lot about a wide range of topics (and could probably save my life if need be - thank goodness for that!).

* Shane was a lifeguard for a few very memorable summers in Wildwood, NJ

* Shane enjoys playing chess, listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, planning worldly travels, improving personal finance, sailing, and anything somewhat competitive in nature.

* Shane is the second best ping-pong player on this blog ;)

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