West Coast Wildlife

One of my favorite parts of our trip has been the wildlife, and we've seen plenty of interesting creatures on the west coast! Here are some of my favorites.

The award for the strangest animal goes to ... this banana slug! In case you were wondering, his eye stalks DO retract.

This was a close second though:

Here's the most playful animal we saw:

Sea lion or seal? I have no idea. They were so fun to watch though! There were a few in the water, and they bobbed below the surface when the waves crashed over them.

This guy wasn't quite as playful, but we liked him anyway:

Last but not least, the most patriotic of the crew:

We only recently realized that bald eagles are no longer endangered, which explains why we've seen 4 now (we thought we were just SUPER lucky). We still feel lucky though - we're always excited to spot one!

Hope you enjoyed these animal pics and weren't too grossed out by the slug! Thanks for following our adventures :)

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